Friday, July 20, 2012

Useful Shortcuts in Photoshop

Here Are some useful shortcut keys of Adobe Photoshop.

Ctrl + N New File

Ctrl + O Open

Ctrl + C   Copy

Ctrl + + X   Cut

Ctrl + S Save

Ctrl + 0 Fit to Screen

Alt + Shift +   Zoom In/Out
Mouse Scroll

Ctrl + Z Undo/Redo

Ctrl + Shift + N New Layer

Ctrl + A Select All

Ctrl + D Deselect

Ctrl + T Free Transform (must be followed by hitting “Enter” to accept changes)

Ctrl + G Group Layers

Shift+Ctrl+L  Auto Tone
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L  Auto Contrast

Shift+Ctrl+B  Auto Color.

Hope they will help you:)


Professional Seo Services said...

Thank for the shortcuts it's save lot of time.

iTechwit said...

Photoshop is a great application because of its awesome features with nice platform. These shortcuts are sure to help me get well while using it.

Photoshop tutorials said...

Thanks for these tips.

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