Friday, August 10, 2012

Scientific Calculator In Google

Google is rocking the world since long time.It is a popular search Engine but along with this many people use it for Translation,Google Docs: and blogging.But Now Google have introduced an amazing feature in it.That is Scientific Calculator.There are other online and downloadable calculators available on one click but Google has its own charm:) and it can be helpful for students who prefer to study online.I think this thing is best after calender and translation embedded in Google.

To Access Google calculator just go to Google and Type Calculator in search bar and you will be moved to 34 digit scientific calculator.

Stay Studying:)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Setup an Email signature in Gmail

In this post I will show you how to setup an signature to you Gmail.A signature in email is a block of personalized rich text which is inserted at the bottom of each email you send to someone.

1.Just go to your Gmail account.

2.Click on the settings Icon on the top right corner and then click settings.

3.Under the General tab, You will you will see Signature dialogue box.Just click on it and start typing what you were thinking.

4.Tips for Signature:You can write your general information.Name,Designation(For office use),Cell no.,Official no. Website etc..

Friday, July 20, 2012

Useful Shortcuts in Photoshop

Here Are some useful shortcut keys of Adobe Photoshop.

Ctrl + N New File

Ctrl + O Open

Ctrl + C   Copy

Ctrl + + X   Cut

Ctrl + S Save

Ctrl + 0 Fit to Screen

Alt + Shift +   Zoom In/Out
Mouse Scroll

Ctrl + Z Undo/Redo

Ctrl + Shift + N New Layer

Ctrl + A Select All

Ctrl + D Deselect

Ctrl + T Free Transform (must be followed by hitting “Enter” to accept changes)

Ctrl + G Group Layers

Shift+Ctrl+L  Auto Tone
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L  Auto Contrast

Shift+Ctrl+B  Auto Color.

Hope they will help you:)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gmail Themes-Putting Own Images in Background

Generally we didn't take care of themes or background images in email but the it is quiet interesting to use your own image as email background.Use your company logo or your children group photo or family trip images to make it lovely to use email.Gmail has this option.
Well it is just simple to do this.Just go to gmail and on the left corner just downside your profile pic(As used in G+) click on settings and go to themes:

And click on Custom themes just on light or Dark(The one which you want) you will see Change My Background Image you can select the pic by G+ photos or uploaod from your computer.

Thats All about it:)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

how to show hibernate option in shutdown menu

how to enable hibernate option in shutdown menu in windows xp / windows 7

The mentioned process disables the hybrid sleep option.
follow the steps below :)
In the Control Panel Window, Click the Power Options icon
In the 'Change Settings For Plan' window, Click the 'Change advanced power settings'
Click the Plus (+) sign next to the Sleep option
click 'Allow hybrid sleep'. set it to 'Off'
Click the OK button
now you should see the hibernate option.

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